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Fly Fishing Boats For Reel

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Flat Bottomed Fly Fishing (Pram) Boats

Custom boat builder Terry Hunt, Penticton, BC Canada

​​Have you ever looked at a lake and thought, "If only, if only I could get out a bit further where the fish are rising?" 

It's happened to all of us fly fishers at one time or other - when it would have been perfect to have had a small, light but sturdy watercraft that would enable you to get out further from the shoreline. Far enough so that our casts would land where the rising fish were. 

Or perhaps you've just wanted a small boat that was easily transportable so that you could row around your favorite pond or lake? 

Terry Hunt of Penticton, British Columbia has been making this dream a reality for many, with his custom built 8 and 10 foot flat bottomed fly fishing boats. Sometimes referred to as a "Pram Boat," The Gillie 8 foot model weighs approximately 60 pounds and the 10 foot model weighs approximately 100 pounds. Constructed out of top grade materials The Gillie is made to last! Testimonials available upon request.

The Gillie Pram Features:

  • Top of the line premium grade Lloyds approved BS1088 marine plywood.
  • All seams reinforced with fiber glass inside and outside of the hull.
  • Clear natural finish inside the hull, or painted if preferred. Several colors to choose from as well as custom colors.
  • ​Flat bottomed means nothing for fly lines to get snagged on.
  • Beautiful bench(s), corner knees, trim all around and transom boards constructed out of Douglas Fir.
  • All fasteners are either solid stainless steel or solid brass.
  • Polished stainless steel oarlock sockets. Brass oarlock sockets also available.
  • Outside bottom of hulls have an industrial protective coating for added durability.
  • Anchor package and quick release seat mount(s) available for both models.
  • 8' or 10' length models to choose from.
  • Transport Canada Approved (documentation provided).
  • Warranty.

The Gillie is light, solid, built to last, whisper quiet and a dream to row!

Some people wonder why a flat bottomed boat might have an advantage over a pontoon boat? Actually, there are many reasons to choose The Gillie over the admittedly popular float tubes/pontoon boats including:

  • Five minutes or less to get into the water with a pram or flat bottomed boat. How long would it take you to get into your waders, put on your fins, put together the pontoon boat and get to the water? A lot more than five minutes!
  • Pram boats are more versatile. No fins required if you just want to go for a row.
  • Flat bottomed pram boats are unmatched for stability.​

The Gillie makes for a very special gift for that still water fly angler that seems to have everything, too!

For more information and to discuss the build of your
custom handmade fly fishing pram, contact:

​Fly Fishing Boats For Reel

Terry Hunt 
174 Ayres Crescent
Penticton, BC
Phone: 250.493.0544 
Cell: 250.809.2232